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The Mouse that Farted like a Horse

The Mouse that Farted like a Horse

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AUTHOR: Kjetil Sandermoen

A children's book also for adults

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Kjetil Sandermoen: "I wrote this little book an early morning with my coffee and the news. The brave Ukrainian's ability to fight back Russia's attack inspired me.

This book is both for adults and for children. Read it for your children but be sure you yourself got the point right. May be you yourself are just one of the narcissist, only being a little mouse, but trying to fart like a horse."

Hardcover book: soft touch lamination, 21х25 sm, 20 pages, 0.290 kg.

Publication date: September 1st 2023

Editor: Anna Sandermoen
Illustrations: Joe Klats
Design and layout: Thomas Meier
Copyright: Sandermoen Publishing © 2023
ISBN: Paperback 978-3-03974-004-8